Friday, January 27, 2012

The Last Resort: Thanks For The Hand

This one is  the most recent in the Last Resort series. It was the first comic drawn after the original submission. I had been on a long break from comics and was content with doing a Christmas card every year. A friend of mine invited me to the opening of the "Things That Make Us Smile" exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum, here in Baltimore. Matt Groening (The Simpson's creator.) was there as well! Although I never got to meet him: the encounter, the exhibit and my friend's long-time support all helped reignite my passion for comics. 

I post this now as a thanks to my wife for getting me to start this blog. (Hopefully she'll ignore the fact that this is a second-hand comic and focus on the sentiment.) Without her, you would be subjected to far worse jokes than this and I wouldn't be enjoying the tens of....well TEN people who visit this blog now. Thanks to you as well for taking an interest in my absurd ramblings.

I'll get back to colorizing the older stuff on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!!