Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Might As Well Jump

In further setting up my blog it got me thinking a lot about the past. So, I thought I'd go into a little of the history of Mesy Comics for those of you who might be unfamiliar with the origins. (Pronounced just like messy comics.) Mesy Comics is my delusions of a comic book company. In reality, it’s just one guy with a vivid imagination and very little sense. Ironic since it all began with a single comic poking fun at another guy with equally big aspirations….little did I realize how that first comic would come to be a metaphor for an entire career.

It all started back in 1988 with Matt Strott, a boring social studies class, a number 2 pencil and a British ski jumper named Eddie The Eagle Edwards. An inspiration in both heart and determination, Eddie was also the spark to ignite Matt Strott’s passion for absurdist comedy. For those of you never lucky enough to watch The Eagle, you missed something special. Eddie flew through the air with all the grace, style and aerodynamics of a newborn moose. Time and time again, his quest to fly ended in a spectacular crash, always falling far short of the competition. (Out of the 57 Olympic competitors that year, he finished 56. The 57th was disqualified). But no matter how many times he crashed, he always got back up and jumped again. If the crashes were spectacular, the triumphs were amazing! You wouldn’t know to look at him, how ridiculously short he was of the competition. He was always beaming with pride. Some might say Eddie was foolish to devote his life to a sport he had very little chance to reach the pinnacle of, but a true fool would not have had the courage to jump in the first place.

It is that same foolish pride and reckless abandon upon which Mesy Comics was founded. That same spirit of absurdity which compelled a goofy British guy to take up ski jumping (without a mountain or snow), is the same spirit of absurdity which compelled Matt Strott to take up cartooning, without plan.

As in life, the spectacular crashes and the miraculous landings are unimportant. It’s the jump that counts! Mesy Comics is one cartoonist’s jump toward a dream – the dream of making comics.