Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Last Resort: Sweet Threats & Murder Plots

Even as a little kid I thought this Rock-a-bye Baby was creepy.Then again, I found most lullabies to be creepy. "Hush little baby don't say a word," sounds like a threat to me. To that I say "Screw you! You're not killing me in my sleep!"

Lullabies don't work. Kids aren't stupid. Apparently I am though. Up until now, I've wondered why my 3 year old daughter ends up in our bed every night. Every night we play a CD full of these threats and murder plots, for a full 45 minutes, under the false notion it will somehow make her sleep easier! It doesn't. It's probably been filling her little head with nightmares!

Now, as a parent, I get it. There's nothing more precious to me than sleep and nothing more elusive. You want your kids to sleep and are prepared to use any means necessary to get it. If you're inspired to write lullabies, then you either have kids or are some kind of sick and twisted weirdo. Either way your motive is the same: you enjoy putting kids to sleep. There's a not-so-subtle undertone of violence in those motives. When you don't sleep you don't think straight. When you're a sick and twisted weirdo you don't think straight. Either way, any music you write under that kind of duress will be filled with disturbing subtext, sweet threats and murder plots.

The help you need isn't found in a song, it's found in prescription medication.