Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Defense of MC Chris

I don't really intend to start using this blog as a soap box but a recent incident compels me to comment in defense of MC Chris (and human decency). I don't know MC Chris and I only recently found out about his music. He's a rapper, artist and helps fight cystic fibrosis. Last Thursday he apparently threw a fan out of a show for heckling one of the opening acts. The fan responded by posting his side of the story on the internet. The incident caught fire and MC Chris was bombarded with hate. In response MC Chris posted a video on Youtube apologizing for his past behavior. In doing so he breaks down emotionally.

What happens next? ...He's met with more hate!!

People who know nothing about the incident, or him, feel the need to make him feel worse? For what? For having the decency to apologize? For feeling badly about the way he treated somebody else? It takes more balls for him to post his apology on the internet (under his own volition) than to sit behind the safety of a computer screen and make fun of someone. Being a good person and doing the right thing is hard. Doing it under public scrutiny has got to be even harder. How many asshole-celebrities lead completely miserable lives and behave awfully? Thousands. Now of those thousands, how many have ever apologized for anything unless they were under court order to do so? None that I can think of.

Frankly I find it refreshing that the guy is trying to set things right. The world could use more people like MC Chris and less of the internet lynch mob. He does charity work to fight cystic fibrosis for crying out loud! Even if he is an complete jerk at his shows (which I can't verify or deny), I'd say his off the stage work makes it a wash. MC Chris is a human being. Cut him some slack. It's so easy to tear somebody down to try and make yourself feel better. At the end of the day you still have to look at yourself in the mirror.

Too bad the people who need to hear this probably don't read my blog but it feels good to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening..... now back to my usual comics.