Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mark Kistler

I was reflecting back on the early days of drawing comics and thinking how much I enjoyed a PBS show called "The Secret City" (and later Draw Squad), with Mark Kistler. He has an energetic style and love for the art combined with a talent for teaching it to others. If it were not for his shows, I don't know that I'd be drawing comics today.

I have to credit my mom, first and for most, for instilling a love of art in me as a child. Chic West for laying the foundation for my skill in traditional art techniques; Josh Fendell for opening my eyes to a career in art and thinking about art in a non-traditional sense; and Mark Kistler for opening my eyes to drawing comics and having fun with art. Without these people in my life, I'd probably be dying of boredom as a mechanical engineer someplace.  I wish I could thank them all personally but sadly Chic West and Josh Fendell have passed away. (My mom already knows how much I love her and appreciate her. Thanks mom!)

I think the best thanks I can give to Mark Kistler is to share his work with my kids and share the link to his site with the rest of the world. I'm happy to find out this morning, that he's still doing work with teaching kids to draw and producing videos! I'm a bit late to the party since it appears he started imagination station in 2009. I'm hoping it's still going strong and my PBS station runs the show. He also has DVDS and does school assemblies!  I can not tell you how excited I am to show Mark's stuff to my own kids.

Thanks Mark!  Check him out....

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station