Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Last Resort: Sign of the Vikings

For those of you bored with my illustrations work as of late, I offer up a new panel of The Last Resort. I've had this one rolling around my head in for a few years now but just got around to putting it into pixels.

 I'm always bewildered by the signs and bumper stickers people feel they have to put on their cars: as if these declarations will some how change the lives of others. "You know... I was going to skip through town, beating people with a wiffle ball bat today, but the ass-end of that car is telling me to coexist. Guess I better sheath my anger as well as my plastic sword."

It is in this state of perplexity that I ponder the sign featured in the cartoon above. It can only serve one of two purposes: Either the occupants of the car feel the need to brag about their ability to reproduce (big whoop) or 2. They think it's a magic shield that will protect their infant from harm. To them both I say, "RAMMING SPEED!"