Monday, October 13, 2014

InkTober 13th: Skull Chaser

In case you were wondering where InkTober the 12th is, I had to travel to Virginia on the 12th and didn't get a chance to draw anything. It was a good trip but I'm pretty bummed about missing a day in the InkTober series. I hope to make it up before the month is out.

Today, I purchased a copy of Jake Parker's Skull Chaser. I hope to see it in print as a comic or graphic novel some day but right now it's just a PDF, web comic. It was a fun read and I love his art. Check it out here.

Inspired by his work, I figured what would my first InkTober be if I didn't pay tribute to Jake's art in some way. Here's my take on his character Skull Chaser.