Tuesday, October 14, 2014

InkTober Day 14: Enter The Sphincter

It's a turd! It's a stain! Ah, it's just another asshole in a cape.....

Yes, dear friends this is indeed an ass in a cape. Actually it's the cover of The Caped Sphincter #1. A self published comic I made in June 1996 and sold locally in a shop in Baltimore. Some how it sold 25 copies out of the 50 I made. I would have been pretty if it sold one copy but 25 I considered a huge success!

Anyway, today I was chatting with Kevin Cross who does The Monkey Mod and Friends Show and he was encouraging me to get on with making that graphic novel I mentioned last year.  I thought about this book and wanted to see how my inking compared to 1996. Back then I used a black Uniball to do all the inking and the work had a very scratchy look to it. I kinda liked it but I think this is probably a little better.  I used the kit I shared with everyone on day 1 of InkTober. Mostly the Pentel brush pen and sharpies for this one. I use a couple of the microns on some of the detail work.

While I was at it, I found all the penciled pages for The Caped Sphincter #2 which no one but me has ever seen. I'm thinking I may redo both of these books after InkTober as a warm up to the graphic novel. Doing the novel will take years and it scares me a little. With this, I think it's a fun story and still appeals to the 13 year old in me. There's no pressure to create anything great and I can just have fun with it and explore the graphic novel making process.

For now, here's the cover of the old The Caped Sphincter #1....in the near future I'll make #2! I love poop jokes and bad puns!