Thursday, October 16, 2014

InkTober Day 15: Monkey Mod and Crablor

My InkTober 15th drawing, features my new favorite web comic, Monkey Mod and Crablor. It's the "the way-cool, far-out comic adventures of Monkey Mod & His Friends as written and illustrated by Kevin Cross and Mark Rudolph". It's been a fun read so far and I look forward the Wednesday updates. Check it out and buy a shirt! Kevin even makes great YouTube videos. Yesterday's was all about inking and I tried to use some of the techniques in this illustration. I haven't quite mastered the brush pen but I'm learning.

In other news, there's been another monkey wrench thrown into the InkTober works for me. My parents are visiting for my daughter's 2nd birthday and are staying in our spare bedroom, a.k.a. the basement, a.k.a. my studio space. It's going to make getting the drawing done all that much harder but I'm determined to soldier on! If there's any hiccup in my giddyup this is why.  To say InkTober has been a challenge is an understatement.  FUN! But it's a lot harder than I thought to do one drawing a day.