Saturday, October 18, 2014

InkTober Day 17 and 18: The Devil Is In The Dust Bin

Had to do a double post today. As I mentioned earlier I had family in town for my daughter's birthday and it made studio time difficult. Got the inks done though, so here they are.

For the first, I was thinking of all of the difficulties InkTober has presented once the month got under way. Life gets in the way of drawing time. Sounds simple to do an ink drawing a day but I'd like for the things I draw to have some sort of interest to people. "The devil is in the detail," as they say. And that sparked this comic.

For the 2nd, I kept it simple and drew my daughter for her 2nd birthday. I lack the speed to do a realistic rendering of her and since I'm mainly a cartoonist I wanted to stick to that anyway. So I drew her in the style I drew myself in avatar form. Here's the little cutie. She's even cuter in real life if I do say so myself.