Sunday, October 26, 2014

InkTober Day 25 and 26: Ode to the Spleen and Marathon Man

Coming down the home stretch on InkTober and I do believe I'm close to the end of my rope when it comes to ideas. Spent a lot of time just staring into space today not knowing what to draw before I ended up redoing "Ode to the Spleen". If I'm redoing this piece I know the tank is about empty...

My daughter busted me on it. "Daddy you already drew that." And anyone who's been to my house has seen this one so I might as well come clean. I originally drew this on a dry erase board in my kitchen about 20 years ago and there it's remained ever since. Don't ask me why I like it, I just do. I know it's weird. This one is for me and I wanted a better version.

Thanks to Josie calling me out, it got me thinking about the marathon that is InkTober, actual marathons and how fat I am and this comic came to mind.

InkTober is very much like a marathon. Coming up with a new idea is pretty tough and I'm exhausted. I think my wife was done by week two! Thanks Jess for putting up with my nonsense. It's almost over...just gotta stumble along for 5 more days until my fat ass collapses across the finish line.