Tuesday, February 24, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Day 5...Painting the House

I'm 5 days into the 100DMC challenge and I can compare my experience to that of painting the house. If you've ever painted a room and you're like me, you think of rolling the walls and are like, "Oh yeah, that's not so bad! I'll knock this room out in no time!"  The reality is you have to first clean up all your kids toys, move the furniture into the center of the room, tape edges, edge in with a small brush, THEN roll...wait, do it all again and then put everything back together when your done. It's a lot of small details that no one thinks about but if you don't do them, it will show in the end.

That's pretty much like making a comic and where I'm at now. Prep work...or laying the foundation to do a good job.  Spent about 45 minutes yesterday before work and got hung up on PG4 dialog while doing the roughs.  I think I got that where I want it for now, so today I hope to get at least one more page of roughs....MORE hopefully.

Yesterday was the first time I spent close to the minimum of 30 min. It is no where near enough time to suit me and I'm going to try and put in more whenever possible.

The other thing I found out is writing takes my undivided concentration. When I make comics I like to have music on. I can't do that when I write. That's a bummer I hadn't planned for, but all the more incentive to get it over with so I can get on to the good stuff!!

Thanks for tuning in! Please stay tuned and bear with me until I get some drawing up!