Wednesday, February 25, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Day 6...Over Half Roughed!

Good morning fine people! First let me say thanks for all the support and interest in this journey. My humble blog is getting around 30 visits a day. That number is laughable to most professional cartoonists I'm sure but for me it's over double what I'd been getting which means somebody is interested. Thank you!  It really helps keep me motivated.

I'm on Day 6 of the 100 DMC and I already have a greater appreciation for those who've gone before me in this challenge, as well as those who make comics for a living. This is not easy. Putting it all on the internet has made me second guess everything. What was once a great little comic of my youth has now been put under the scrutiny of my adult eye, and makes me nervous to tell you the truth. I'm use to drawing strip/gag comics and doing a full book is a completely different animal. Sure I can draw the panels, but there is so much more that goes into a comic book. So much more writing and prep work that goes into it before you can get to the fun stuff of drawing and coloring.

I'm eager to get to that part of it so I've been trying to get more than 30 minutes in when I can. I put in about 1.5 hours yesterday and I've got Issue 1 roughed out through PG7. I was able to cut and paste a few of the old panels from the 1996 book to serve as roughs which saved some time.  I plan to re-draw the whole book but essentially those panels have the same action in them so why redraw the rough?

I won't be able to cut such corners when I get to issues 3 & 4 so I might as well take advantage when I can.  More roughs on tap for today!  See you all tomorrow with the next update.