Thursday, February 26, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Day 7...Spider Gwen

Good morning guys and gals.  Day 7 here in the 100DMC challenge and I'm feeling good. I took a little break yesterday to draw Spider Gwen (the Sketch Dailies prompt of the day).

For those of you unfamiliar, tweets a daily sketch prompt and if they like your work they'll retweet it and post it to their website. I enjoy their site for practicing drawing and to see all the inspirational work other people do. I was originally hoping to get some exposure for my comics with the occasional RT and post to their site but that doesn't happen for me. Maybe you'll have better luck. Even still, I do like the prompts and seeing the artwork of others. So try them out. Lots of crazy good artists post work there and the prompts are usually pop culture related and fun.

I feel a little bad that I spent two hours on Spider Gwen (yes, I'm that slow!) because that's two hours I could have spent on my comic but I did put in 45 min - 1 hour yesterday morning and felt a little burnt out last night after work. I gave myself a pass to have some fun and I feel like I need to post some sort of content while I'm doing this 100DMC....most visitors are here for the gag cartoons but their could be some people who've enjoyed my sketches (My mom likes them! Take that Sketch Dailies!).

Seriously though, I think I need to sprinkle in some non 100DMC stuff from time to time.  I know I don't get many visitors to this site but the ones I do get, I value dearly and I'd like to make those fans happy.  It's a balancing act.

The 100DMC is going great. I'm starting the roughs for PG9 today, which means only 4 more pages of roughs and I can get down to drawing!! I'm very excited about that.  I can't crank the music and zone out while I'm writing, scripting and roughing out the comic.  I miss the music while I work. It's much more important to my creative process than I realized.  It keeps me energized!

So that's it for today's update.  Thank you so much for stopping by. See you tomorrow!