Monday, March 2, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Day 11... Saturday Morning Post

Hello everybody,

I'm late posting this update today because I wanted my first panel to sit on the front page of the blog for a bit. I figured it might have gotten lost in the shuffle over the weekend and some people didn't get to see it. Plus I'm really happy about it and want to show it off.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got the first page nearly all inked and I'm very happy with how the book is turning out. Manga Studio's inking tools are so much better than Photoshop's. I feel like it's making my art a lot better. I think it's the stabilization feature that really gives it the edge. Stability is adjustable to taste and is a real help in taking some of the shake out of my lines. I love it!

Having completed the inks on my first page, I feel like I'm working on a pace that's on par with industry pros. I said PACE, not skill. :) If I can keep inking pages at about 8 hours a clip I'm feeling like I can get Issue 1 done and colored in the 100 days! Skipping pencils is a real time saver and another reason I like digital so much.

I'm really going to push to keep this book on schedule. I'm eager to put it on the site and see what people think of it. Chances are I'm a little nuts but somebody besides me has to like it. Even if it's one person that's alright with me!  (I know it's going to be a small following when even my wife thinks I should reconsider.)

I've also decided to change my update schedule from daily to weekly. I'm going to post every Saturday with a weekly rundown of all I did and share what I can. It's asking a lot to have people read this every day when I'm not posting visual content. I'm only going to post mid week if I have something to share that's art related.  (The Cat in The Hat is today's Sketch Dailies topic.... I'd like to draw him later if I have time. I which case I'll tack him on the end of this post.)

See you all on Saturdays and thanks for all of the encouragement and support!  Especially "Thee 100's" guys and gals: you all are awesome!!