Saturday, March 14, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Days 16-22, Some Perspective

Hey everybody!  Thanks for stopping by... it's time for the Saturday morning update of my 100 days of making comics journey. It's hard to believe I've finished just over 3 weeks already! Time really does fly when you're having fun. So what do I have to report this week?

I put in a solid 7 hours for the week. Still short of the 2 average I was hoping to get but I thought of a joke for "The Last Resort" and wanted to get it out there for fans of that strip. That took a couple hours of drawing time but I love doing The Last Resort so I have no regrets. Check out the archives tab above if you wanted to view the gallery of past comics.

As far as the comic book goes, I've inked the first 3 pages. Since these books will be 12 pages, that's 1/4 inked!! Very happy with the pace. Still feeling like I can get issue 1 posted by the end of the 100 days.  I know Kevin has decided to post pages as he goes but I'd like to keep the 1st book mostly under wraps. I'll post select panels as I go but pages 2-3 is a 2 page spread that I don't want to spoil.

I'm working on pg 4 this week and have gotten bogged down in perspective. I have a tractor trailer coming out of the top panel from a 3/4 view and it's been a pain to draw. I'm happy with the results but I don't have Manga Studio 5 EX (just 5) and I'm sorely wishing I had the perspective rulers that comes with EX. I definitely should have sprung for EX. At the time I had no plans to make comics but now that I'm making one, EX is the way to go. I think it's time time to spring for that upgrade!

So the plan for this weekend is to finish pg4. I won't post the whole page but when I finish this damn tractor trailer I will post it at the end of this article.  Visuals definitely help a blog post! Which reminds me...I got to hang out in the audience for a bit of Thee 100's first Google hangout and it was a lot of fun. During the hangout they discussed blogs vs YouTube and I wish I could have put in my two cents YouTube videos are definitely superior to the lowly blog. People want visuals, people want an entertaining personality, people want to have the option to listen to someone talk as they do something else. The blog offers none of that.  Kevin Cross called me out to make some videos and I'd love to BUT he's got the wrong guy. I'm not exactly socially awkward but I'm extremely introverted. No way in hell would I be that entertaining to watch, nor am I tech savvy enough to make anything of quality. For anybody who cares to see me or hear what I sound like I'll be happy to join a hangout but the solo act is not for me. Perhaps someday but that's a long way off.

The people in The 100s are cool though and I'd like to hangout with them. Because I've seen so many of their videos I feel like I know them but to them I'm just words on a screen with a cartoon avatar face. It would be nice to join a hangout and hopefully they like me as much as I like them.  We'll see...for now I'm happy with the blog-life and dwelling in near anonymity. My comics can speak for themselves.

So that wraps up another week in the 100DMC. Thank you all for visiting, sharing and supporting my efforts. I'll post the pg4 panel here this weekend for anybody who wants to see it. Perspective kicks my ass...the truck took me 3 hours!