Saturday, March 21, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Days 23-29, DRERGE!

Hey everybody! Happy Saturday to you all. 29 days down in my journey to 100, where I spend 30+ min a day working on my personal comics project.

This week I did a little better than last week: putting 7.5 hours in. I always want to do better but life has a way of shorting me free time.  Still, averaging an hour a day isn't bad I guess and it has allowed me to finish inking another page! Since there's no real spoilers on it, I present to you PAGE 4 of THE CAPED SPHINCTER #1!

As I said last week, perspective is a biznitch! Slowed me down considerably. Drawing comics is a lot of work...don't let anybody tell you different kids! I've learned a few tricks and am beginning to have a workflow which is making life easier though. I highly recommend layering, but grouping and NAMING your groups clearly. So many times I've found myself drawing on the wrong layer. It's very frustrating. My other tip is DRERGE! That's my stupid name for Draw and Merge. The beauty of digital and Manga studio is that it's allowing me to go right from roughs to inks, bypassing pencils all together. I love it. I ink a section on one layer and when I'm happy with it I merge it down to my final inks layer. The other beautiful thing about working this way is I can get nicer curves and sweeping line without fear of inking over other sections. Simply erase the part of the line you don't want before merging it with the final.  By working this way it's allowing me to get to finished inks in 8 hours or less.

That's it for this week. Than you for the love and support on this book. See you next week!