Friday, April 10, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Days 41-47, POST-IT!

Hey there people of the internet! I'm up late tonight because I'm pretty keyed up. Since it's technically Saturday I might as well post my update.

 I'm just shy of the halfway point in my 100 days of making comics journey. Pg 6 is inked, I put about 6 hours in this week and I delivered a sneak peak of Pg 6 as promised. I need to pick up the pace a bit if I want to get all 12 pages colored by the end of the 100 days but I'm still feeling good about getting inks done by then. I'm feeling like it was a successful week (especially since my wife had strep for 5 days and I was holding down the fort solo).

"But hold up!" you say... "Where's the additional comics or sketches you promised Matt?!" Never fear, the Post-Its are here!

I did these tonight after getting really inspired by Todds Nauk this week. I started following him on Twitter when he was doing the Emerald City Comic Con and his sketch book covers and Post-It note sketches were so impressive. Never knew he was the artist of Night Crawler for Marvel. But he keeps posting these cool Post-It note sketches and I asked him how many he's made so far and he was kind enough to answer. Over 160! You can check them out here at his Facebook gallery. So cool.

I'd been wanting to do sketch cards and play with markers for some time now. I saw what Scott Serkland, Juicy Inks, and Jazza have been doing on YouTube and really liked the marker sketch look. Trouble is Copic Markers cost a fortune. Then I saw Todd's Post-It note sketches and thought it was brilliant....easily available, the colored paper and marker interact in a unique way and it's quick. Best of all it's cheap office supply stuff and it offers the freedom of not wanting to be precious about it. If you screw up, tear it of an try again. It's a really fun format and I had a blast doing it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!