Saturday, April 18, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Days 48-54, Use The Force

Hi everybody! Just a quick update today on my 100 Days of Making Comics journey.  I'm excited to have crossed the halfway point in both the number of days in the challenge and the page count of my first issue.  Pg 6 is inked and Pg 7 is in progress.  I really need to pick up the pace and quit goofing off doing sketches and what-not.

I have had a little bit of an addiction doing Post-It note sketches these past couple weeks. I really love doing them. So quick and fun. I don't really regret spending the time on them because it gives me something to post for you all to look at and I still got my comic book time in.

I did these two for Star Wars this week. Love the new trailer and very excited to see this film. I think it just may rekindle the feel of the original three movies.

I do need to pick up the pace on the comic though. I'll be sorely disappointed if I can't release Issue 1 of the Caped Sphincter on or before the 100th day. I'm sticking to that goal. Fortunately for me my wife is hosting her book club this weekend and I plan to hole up in the studio for the duration and put a few solid hours in on the comic. Very excited about that! I'd like to be through PG. 8 by next week if not further....these pages with more panels take more time. I over estimated my pace a little in the beginning I think. We'll see...

Anyway tune in next week for the next update. I won't have access to a computer on Saturday so I'm going to post late Thursday night or early Friday morning. See you all then!