Thursday, April 9, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Not Quite Half Way

I made a promise this week to deliver a mid week post, so I'm delivering on that promise. PG 6 still isn't done and has a spoiler on it so I can't show the whole thing anyway. The reason for the delay is that I spent some time reworking the villain of this story. I wanted to keep the basic feel of the 90's version but I streamlined him a bit, changed his arms some and made him more functional as a creature. He's on the bottom half of the page. Can't wait to show him to you!

Since I can't, here's the shot of The Channel Cat's reaction...

I know my sound effects are weak-sauce.... I'm working on getting better. I'm happy with the maniacal look on the guy's face though.

Tomorrow I'm putting page 6 to bed and will post a fan art sketch of some sort.