Saturday, May 23, 2015

100 Days of Making Comics: Days 83-89, Odds Aren't Good, But The Goods Are Odd

Welcome to the 2nd to last weekly update of my 100 Days of Making Comics challenge: a challenge in which I spend 30+ minutes a day working on my personal comic project The Caped Sphincter. I know I'm supposed to post on Saturday and technically this is Sunday but I got a lot done today so I make no apologies.

It's the start of my week long vacation and my glorious charge to the finish of making this comic book. Since it's also Memorial Day weekend, I felt obliged to do some yard work. I didn't start on my comic book work until after the girls went to bed. I'm posting this around 1:30 am so that's about 4 hours of comics just today! Very happy with this week. Got two long sessions in.

I am disappointed page nine is STILL on my plate! I severely underestimated my drawing and inking speed.  I was hoping to get this page completed before I showed it but I'm tired of keeping you all in suspense for this goofball comic book. No way can it live up to hype I've created so I'm posting what I got so far. This page actually serves as a great "trailer" of sorts for the whole book. If you like this or are intrigued by it, please stop back on June 1st when I post everything I got done during this hundred days. 

It's anybody's guess if I'll finish all 12 pages. Place your bets! In the meantime please enjoy this work in progress. (click on it for a larger view...I'm sure everyone knows this but there's bound to be one person who doesn't so excuse Captain Obvious here.)