Saturday, June 13, 2015

We Now Continue Our Irregularly Scheduled Broadcast

Now that the dust has settled from my 100 days of making comics adventure, it's time to recharge and refocus.I don't want to remain idle much past this weekend. Time slips away very quickly.  I have two of my kid's birthdays this weekend, so I'll be busy with that. With the start of the week I plan to get back into making comics.

Approx. 120 days from now (around the 1st week of October), I'd like to release The Caped Sphincter #2. As I well know, that's a lot of work, and if I don't chip away at it a little every day, it won't get done. I'm not going to be as strict about he 30 minutes per day but I plan to put in the same effort... just spaced out in larger blocks when I can.  In between, I'd like to post panels of The Last Resort and The Cheez comic strip I do, as well as sketches.  I really like the Post-It note format and I'd like to try my hand at some ink and marker sketch cards. They look like a lot of fun and practicing in the traditional way will make me a better digital artist. It should be a nice mix of stuff for people to enjoy long as you like my weird brand of humor and irregular posting schedule that is!

 I got these two sketches done this week for Sketch Dailies. This week was superhero/animal mash-up week and the topics were Iron Manatee and The Pugnisher.  Iron Manatee actually made it to website.  I was surprised since Kermit the Frogger was the only other one they ever posted. Hope you enjoy them and I'll see you guys soon with more MesyComics!