Friday, July 17, 2015

Post-It Sketches: Futurama

I've had a hard time getting my mojo going with drawing comics ever since I finished my 100 Days of Making Comics Challenge. I liken it to going on a diet. Every time I've been on a diet, I hit the goal weight and then things backslide. I muddle through, go on another diet again, and backslide again. Rinse and repeat.

The problem is a diet is not a lifestyle and doing the 100 Days of Making Comics wasn't a lifestyle. They were short term goals and while neither one is a bad fact I think they do a lot to build good habits... a lifestyle change is what's needed. Part of my lifestyle change is I need to draw more. Even when I don't feel like it I need to draw more. Practice and putting the time in is what separates the masters of their craft from the amateurs.  With that goal in mind just draw something"... anything! ... just put in the time!  I started doing more Post-It note sketches.  They are quick and fun and I can fit them in most days. I figured they'd help me get my grove back and in the very least they'd make me a better cartoonist.

So this week I've been doing Futurama fan art. My kids really love that show and I do too. If you want to see the individual sketches as I do them, please follow me on Twiter @mesycomics  I also have a gallery tab at the top in which you can see past sketches. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and please enjoy this batch.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Last Resort: A Brush With Death

It's been a while since I posted a new panel of The Last Resort. Hard to believe I'm coming up on 100 of these! If I can multiply that by 100 before I die I'll be a happy man.