Sunday, August 2, 2015

Post-It Sketches: Futurama Batch 2

The kids wanted me to do some more Futurama Post-It note sketches this weekend so I was happy to oblige. I could draw Futurama sketches all day and not get tired of many great characters and such a funny show.

It's been fun but I'm going to try to get back to creating some other comics this week.  I sketched up a new panel of The Last Resort and hope to post that this week.  I'm way behind on Issue 2 of The Caped Sphincter and that upsets me greatly...probably a contributing factor to this month long slump I've been in.  Don't want to jinx myself but I think the funk may be clearing. Let's hope!

In the meantime, please enjoy these sketches... and remember you can check out more of these and all my other work in the gallery tabs above. Thanks for visiting!