Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wandering Aimlessly

Hey there everyone! 2016 is well under way and I've yet to make a post. I've been wandering aimlessly as a cartoonist for a while now but have been very active sketching. The blog posts have been rather erratic I'm afraid. You can always check the gallery tabs to see if there is any thing you missed, but your best bet to keep up with what I've been doing is to follow me on Twitter under the handle of @MesyComics

I post and share there several times a week. I use this blog mainly as my archives these days. I was doing comic strips for a while under the title of The Last Resort. Then I did a 12 page comic book called "The Caped Sphincter", last year. I had big plans for finishing the next 3 issues of that in time for this June but that died. I'm not sure why it died. I still like the character and I still think the 3 books are worth making...can't figure out why my drive went out. The Last Resort will always live on. I've taken to drawing them when the mood strikes. I have plenty of sketches and joke ideas to continue with that for a while.

I did get wrapped up in sketching a lot last year: first with Post-It note sketches, then with Inktober and then I finished up the last month or two drawing a ton of Star Wars Sketch cards.  I'm still on a Star Wars kick.  I drew these two larger pieces this month that I'me very happy with how they turned out. I love the Blick Studio markers and I'm really enjoying drawing cartoons by hand again. Something his shifted in me but I can't figure out where I'm going with it.  Just having fun, doing whatever.

I hope you all with stick with me on the journey or follow me on Twitter. I might not have a long term project at the moment but I am having quite a bit of fun drawing. Happy 2016!