Saturday, February 6, 2016

Getting Back on the Horse

Ok, so anybody who checks this blog regularly will know I've lacked focus for the last year. Based on the amount of traffic I get,that's probably just my mom!  Anyway, I think I found my way again.

I've been listening to The Awesome Comics Podcast and have gotten inspired. The show is a group of three guys from the UK who review and promote small press and independent comics. They really put their hearts and souls into  small press comics and share a great love and enthusiasm for the craft. Each of them is not only involved in making comics, they also love sharing the work of others and building the community. I found so many good creators after just two episodes that I've been binge listening to past podcasts while I work.  If you make or love comics, do yourself a favor and check them out.

The Awesome Comics Podcast:

So, I've been listening to these guys and doing my usual random sketches and I came across two different people today who've said "Finished is better than perfect." And that got me going. I've been so worried about making something good that I quit making anything at all. (sketches and occasion gag comic aside). So today I'm making a commitment to get back on the horse.  Last year I did 100 days of making comics and completed Issue 1 of The Caped Sphincter. I originally planed to finish 2-4 by June of this year (in celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the original comic).  That's not going to happen. I AM going to finish it however. Starting....NOW.

I'll post everything as I go here and on Twitter. It might not be great but it will get done. I realized that fear is what held me back last year. I was so afraid the book would be terrible that I froze. Even if the book is terrible, so what. I need to do it. Have to make a lot of bad art before you get to make good art right. Time to get to work.

Here is Issue one in case you missed it. Click on the image (link) for a free PDF copy. This PDF is better than last year's. If the quality still stinks please let me know and I'll try to resolve the issue. Thanks!

**If the download doesn't work ,please comment, email me or Tweet me @MesyComics.  Still new to posting PDFs to this blog.