Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Week In Mesy Comics: Week 1, Overview

Howdy folks!  A lot has been happening here at MesyComics (a dark corner of my basement).  I've found a renewed passion for comics thanks to discovering The Awesome Comics Podcast. I'm a solitary guy by nature but this podcast has gotten me to see the power of shared enthusiasm for the art of small press comics. I use to think of that medium as artsy fartsy black and white copies of over priced garbage. With technology having changed so much, the quality of small press can be just as good as professional comics. So many great comics are being made that you won't find in most comic shops and some of them are even better than comics put out by any of the major publishers. It's amazing! All this time I've been working in small press comics (web comics) and not even realizing it or what was possible in small press. This year has been a real eye opener and I've found my way again.

Website Moved
I've moved my main site over to  There you will find the finished works of all my comics.  The Last Resort and The Cheez.  I'm still making both when the mood strikes but posts will be there now. Follow me on Twitter @MesyComics  for all my updates and banter.

Recap of The Caped Sphincter
For here, I'm going to keep posting sketches and works in progress. More importantly I'm going to use it to chronicle the creation of The Caped Sphincter: my first full comic.  It was a book I made one issue of back in 1996 and never finished. I did 100 Days of Making Comics last year and recreated a 12 pg ash can. I had hopes of making it 4 ash cans and finish what I started in '96. It was a good experience but after the 100 days I was struck down by self doubt and fear of failure. I spent all of last year doing sketches and avoiding the comics.

The Goal
This year I've heard a few people say "FINISHED IS BETTER THAN PERFECT".  This is my new motto and has given me the strength to carry on. It won't be perfect but I will finish it.  I'd like to get 2 full-size modern comics done this year (20 year anniversary of the original) but whatever happens happens...I'm going to work dilligently, deliberately and as often as possible: realizing that this is a marathon (not a sprint) and a learning experience. I'm going to post progress reports here every weekend. If you want to see how the sausage is made, please follow along.

This week in MesyComics.
I started thinking about the plot of The Caped Sphincter and I want to return to 2 full-size comics as intended in 1996. For those of you who have the ashcan, things are going to get better.

I realize my writing needs help so I bought this book.

Seems like it's going to help a lot.  While I'm learning how to write I don't want to waste time so I'm learning how to color a comic. I stink but I think I'm getting something close to a look I can use. Here are the first 3 pages:

Flatting is tedious but fairly simple. Coloring is the hard part. I want to try and up my game for this book. My comic strip colors stink too but as one panel gag strips I can live with the results. A full comic colored like that would be an assault on the reader's eyes. I want something less saturated overall.  These 3 pages being night scenes, it's a little hard to tell if the look is going to work yet. We'll see.

Coloring gives me lots of time to think an I decided to make a 3rd comic featuring a different character...because when you are in a big hole you can't get out of dig deeper right?! I came up with Harry Goatdini (A.K.A. The Escape Goat) back in Inktober of 2015. I think he's got more marketability than an ass in a cape (not that I think I'll make one penny on any of this) and I've already got a deeper back story in mind.

Ultimately Harry is going to be part of the same universe as TC but he's going to have to wait. Slow and steady...finished is better than perfect. Just going to have fun, get better and make comics.

That's all for now. Cheers!