Sunday, April 3, 2016

This Week In Mesy Comics: Week 5, Got The Power Back

Hooray! I'm back.  I was without my PC for about a week. That stunk but thankfully it was just the power supply and I'm back in business.

When last we left off I was in the process of coloring the 12 pages that are inked on my comic. I stripped out all of the copy and have been coloring a little each day. I finished pages  9 and 10 these last 2 weeks. It's coming along.

I probably could have used the week without the computer to finish writing Issue 1 but I find it easier to write with word processing software of some sort. I decided to read through my book on writing a 2nd time. I want to pound the lessons into my head. I'm a little worried since I have 12 pages inked and the script isn't done but since I have the copy from 1996 as my guide, I think it will work out. Now that I've stripped all of the text out I'm going to use the Marvel method: That is, finish plotting and scripting the issue. Then pencil the last 12 pages. Then work in the dialog as I refine the inks and color. The images are reading without any copy currently so, I should be good.  Issue 2 will be completely scripted before I pencil anything though. I'm learning as I go and the way I've done Issue one has been plagued with blunders I don't plan to repeat.

New Villain:
The coolest thing to happen over the last two weeks was this guy!

I love everything about him. I can't squeeze him into issue 1 or 2 but now that he's a living character I can't NOT use him. Look for him to terrorize the city in Issue 3. (I know, I know...I haven't finished Issue 1 and I'm already planning more. Have to have goals right?)

I guess I got a decent amount of work done but I always have an inner voice telling me it's not good enough or that I need to be working faster. It's hard to ignore. I just have to keep reminding myself family and the day job come first. Comics will get done when they get done....and they are getting done, so life is good. So glad to have the power back!

Until next time, thanks for dropping by!