Monday, May 16, 2016

This Week In MesyComics: Week 10, Thumbs, Pencils and Inks Oh My!

Howdy folks. This week I have a bit of a process post on how I make the sausage here at MesyComics. As you know from last week, I finished the plot and thumbnails to issue #1 of this comic. I thought about going through and penciling the whole thing but since I do so much work in the ink stage (my pencils are a bit rough), I thought it better to ink as I go.

So this week, I'm posting everything I got done in about 5 hours work.

These are done about 3 inches by 5 inches and I work traditionally for speed and fluidity

I pencil digitally in Photoshop or Manga Studio. I haven't settle on one over the other yet.  I love the multiple undos and the ease of scaling....basically cleaning up for my lack of skill! As you can see I change the view of the last panel to make it more dramatic and to also get more of the control room door in the shot. It's important for the next scene and also to make it have a sense of foreboding. Like it's looming over the cop.

I like to use vector inks in manga studio. It's nice having the ability to move a whole line if need be. Or snipping off the ends of some shading that goes beyond another line. I highly recommend the vector inks feature in Manga Studio

It's been an OK week but I can do better. Getting up in the morning has been my main problem. If I don't get up at 4:30 it severely limits how much time I can work. The day job and the family occupy most of my hours in a day.  I'm going through some sleep issues with my little ones right now. Hopefully that gets ironed out and I can get back to the early starts!