Monday, June 6, 2016

This Week In MesyComics: Week 13, Friends, Family, Fan Art and Ikea?

This week's free time was severely limited. Hung out with friends and family and what free time I had in the mornings this week I spent doing fan art. Me and the kids have been doing a lot of Mario Kart so I drew my favorite guy and kart set up from the game. The girls got a kick out of it because I printed out the inked like art so they could color their own version. It killed my comic progress for the week but I'm glad I did both the playing and the drawing. Josie really loved both.

I'd hoped I'd get some time on the weekend to draw but we ended up going to Ikea (always a time suck) and then spent most of the day Sunday putting furniture together.

Anyway, here's my Mario Kart fan art from the week!