Monday, July 11, 2016

This Week In MesyComics: Weeks 15-16, Breaking The Cycle

I see a pattern. Summer hits and my art production drops off. That is one of the unexpected benefits that has come out of blogging my comics journey for the last six years. I only noticed this because I finished 100 Days of making comics last year around June and had all these hopes and dreams on how much more I could make. Then summer hit and I fell into a massive slump that lasted until the middle of Fall.

I think part of last year's failure was a fear of writing and a fear that my comic had to be perfect. Looking back on my blog and social media posts I now see that it's part of a cycle! I was lamenting on Twitter that maybe I have seasonal depression (I do hate heat, humidity and both sunburns and sunscreen). Summer sucks. I think I'm also just busier with life stuff: the kids are out of school and I spend more time with them, vacations can kill a week at a time, 2 of my kids have summer birthdays, there's a couple holidays in there, etc. I think it may be a combination of all of these things.

This might sound bleak but I have at least identified the problem. That's the first step in finding a solution. What to do now? That, I'm not sure....I think accept it, draw what I can, force myself to draw when I actually do have the time but may not feel like it and (hardest of all) quit beating myself up about it.

I see all these great indie and pro creators in my Twitter feed and fall into the compare and despair trap. I have to realize that everyone is different with different skill levels, drive and circumstances in their lives that all affect how much work they can produce. What I can focus on instead is just try to do the best I can. I'm not getting paid for this. I serious doubt anyone cares about my comics that much (including my mom). So do what I can do and try to focus on the fun and doing the best I can when I have time to do it. If I'm not having fun then it's only going to compound the problems.

In light of all this I forced myself to block off a bit of time over the last two weeks and I made a sketch cover for Dr. Strange. I've been enjoying this comic a lot and I'm interested in seeing the film when it comes out. I also saw a couple pieces of fan art that I really liked so I thought I'd have a go.

Process Shots of my Sketch Cover:

I also did a little inking on my comic! Not much since the last time but at least it's something. Here that is:

PG 14 Inks in Progress:

So there you have it....appears I have a cycle I need to try and break or in the very least accept. I'll do my best. Thanks for bearing with me. As always, follow me on Twitter if you like comics and my asinine commentary. I'm always happy to talk and share the comics work of others even if I'm may not be producing many of my own!